How much does a Android Developer make in Argentina ?

714,300 $

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The base salary for a Android Developer in Argentina is 714,300 $

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Annual salary Based on 180 observations

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Related tasks:

  • Develops software that is object oriented and conforms to program standards to ensure reusability and repeatability.
  • Work directly with the client gathering requirements to analyze, design and/or implement technology best practice business changes to technology with business strategy and goals.
  • Works with bug tracking to resolve moderately complex issues and ensures that all bugs along with solutions are documented.
  • Works closely with design team offering input and works closely with customers to ensure solutions will meet requirements.
Requirements / skills:
  • Knowledge in computer Science or Engineering, or equivalent background.
  • Deep understanding of Android SDK (Java).
  • Experience in native Android mobile application development using Android.
  • Studio Expertise in designing, implementing, and deploying user-centric software, with focus on functionality.