Agile Coach salary in Marseille

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How much does a Agile Coach make in Marseille?

The base salary for a Agile Coach in Marseille is 92,700 €

92,700 €

Annual salary. Based on 46 observations

Related tasks:

  • Participate in inspiring agile development and transformation tasks in run and change areas.
  • Develop and mentor agile key roles (product owners, chapter leads) regarding agile methodology, mind set and way of working.
  • Promote objective based thinking by introducing OKR on tribe/team level.
  • Help introduce and promote agile methodology, tools and thinking in run areas.
  • Collaborate with the Leadership to understand their needs and facilitate transformation.
  • Select and establish tools that seem fit to drive our transformation and can help to manage and track work and improvements.
  • Coach the organization to develop a learning and supportive culture.
  • Participate in several exciting other tasks whilst making the company more agile every day.
Requirements / skills:
  • Familiarity with agile transformation and implementation.
  • Strong interpersonal and communication skills.
  • Positive attitude and independent workstyle.
  • Result-oriented mind set and can-do attitude.
  • Experience in coaching leaders and key roles.