Accounts Receivable Manager salary in Strasbourg

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How much does a Accounts Receivable Manager make in Strasbourg?

The base salary for a Accounts Receivable Manager in Strasbourg is 46,700 €

46,700 €

Annual salary. Based on 30 observations

Related tasks:

  • Ensure timely and accurate processing of claims; direct effort and/or coordination with the team.
  • Ensure rejections are resolved timely and determine root cause, recommend, and implement procedural changes to prevent future rejections.
  • Reconcile payment posting utilizing the daily bank deposits; and ensure payments and zero pays are posted daily to the proper account; compare EOB’s, checks and system reports for accuracy.
  • Run AR reports; coordinate with the team to ensure all claims are being worked in a timely manner.
  • Proactively communicate with the client on all areas that will positively impact or negatively impact reimbursement.
Requirements / skills:
  • Previous experience of working within an AR process, within complex, large volume environment, proven experience of managing a fast-paced credit control team.
  • Experienced of managing a team and can demonstrate expertise in motivating and developing people.
  • Demonstrable track record driving change and continuous improvement and possess a solid understanding of Accounts Receivable and Credit Control processes and practices.
  • Excellent knowledge of customer billing concepts and procedures and customer oriented with an ability to focus on the end-to-end process with good communication and presentation skills.