How much does a .Net Developer make in Australia ?

95,300 $

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The base salary for a .Net Developer in Australia is 95,300 $

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Related tasks:

  • Gathers feedback from design and technical staff, business users, and management on Web site development needs. Leads developers creating complex web applications and back-end databases using various programming and scripting languages.
  • Leads large projects in project planning, architecture, and Web site development.
  • Mentors some other Senior Developers and any Web Developers and Junior Web Developers.
  • Creates prototypes and functional specifications for large software projects.
  • Creates technical methodologies for engineering solutions to complex Web-based development problems.
  • Leads project meetings and communicates status and issues to stakeholders.
  • Performs well in technical abilities and soft skills required to lead large software projects.
  • Must be a leader and example to others in either technical or soft skills.
  • Meets with Marketing and Sales personnel on specifics of large sized projects and deadlines.
  • Works on a team to determine new web technologies to utilize, such as browsers, languages, and plug-ins, based on company's needs.
  • Conceptualizes long-term needs of Web development, and plans and manages related projects.
  • Makes suggestions on creating Web-based technical standards for specific Web sites and the company as a whole.
  • Administers Web Servers and Web sites for Internet or Intranet applications.
  • Assists Marketing with Web statistics and analyzes data to improve Web sites.
  • Maintains any related databases.
  • Assists in the monitoring of Web usage for abuse.
Requirements / skills:
  • Web development administration skills.
  • Must have led others successfully on multiple projects or been the technical architect of large projects.
  • Must be able to effectively estimate projects.
  • Must have functioned as a business analyst and shown good organization and communication skills.
  • Must possess knowledge of some general programming principles and operating systems.